Project Roadmap

Our roadmap below is intertwined with our lore.
We don’t know much about this hidden world; just that treasures and foes are awaiting our arrival.
This roadmap may evolve and is subject to change.

Operation 1: Mint 7,027 StarGardens

We receive a distress call from a mysterious entity named Eluüne, and It leads us to a hidden world. It is covered with floating islands, StarGardens, 7,027 of which were built for us to land on. Hence we offer the ownership of these StarGardens by minting them as NFTs so we can build a Gateway Technology and explore this new frontier..

Operation 2: Unearthing Secrets

Each of the 7,027 StarGarden NFTs are covert communication vehicles between owners and Eluüne’s world. As an owner you may receive messages in your wallet tied to your SG’s unique attributes. This world has many secrets and your NFTs are one of its pathways.

Operation 3: MOON LANDING

Video footage of our first true contact, the landing will happen live.

Operation 4: Portal Beta

We will launch our first voyage mission, where holders will be the first to disembark on their StarGarden with their chosen tribe members. Glitches and other issues will arise and we will refine our tech with your help. You will prepare the path for the future waves of humanity to arrive.

Operation 5: Extra Fuel

Building a Gateway Technology to bring humanity to a new frontier is technologically intricate and labor intensive. We will seek support of Venture Capital backers for strategic partnerships and extra fuel.

Operation 6: Great disembarkment

Our Gateway Technology is advanced enough that we can arrive in this hidden world as a massive scale. The 7,027 StarGardens will be a beacon for all and we humans will answer once more the call of the new frontier.

Operation 7: Great Beyond

What will we find there? What is Eluüne? How do we repair her world? What treasures and dangers await? What will we become?

JoIN the legion
*Please note that as we go further in production and test gameplay, certain elements of the game and roadmap may change but the core ethos driving our mission, which is to give our player citizens as much value as possible, will remain the same.

To participate in any of the Project Eluüne or Arrivant initiatives, you must read through the full terms and conditions here.