Project Eluüne: StarGarden
A team-based, auto-chess battler with RPG mechanics.

On your quest to repair a shattered world and uncover its secrets, you will build creature armies to outsmart and counter ever more powerful enemy forces. But you won’t be alone…

This is not just a game to play with your existing friends; this is a game designed so you can make new ones and build your tribe.
Join or Own a StarGarden
StarGardens are fragmented plots of land floating in the universe of Project Eluüne. One StarGarden will be the home base for your tribe and the center of its social activities. It grows as your tribe progresses in winning battles so you can flex to other tribes as you level up.
buy a stargarden
Recruit and craft new Creatures
Eluünian Creatures are your allies. As a team you will devise strategies to recruit, craft, train, optimize and merge powerful creatures.

Each have different classes and abilities. Unlock them by winning battles with your tribe. The creatures have waited a long time for you to restore this shattered land.
Travel to mysterious lands to battle the Gods that stole AURAH from this world. Steal the precious life force back from them and use it to re-enliven your team’s StarGarden. Combat will be in the form of auto-chess, round-based battles. You must strategize as a team to overcome the armies guarding AURAH and repair this world.
You can truly own the digital assets you collect and craft in StarGarden if you choose to. Connect to a wallet only if you want. Doing so will enable you to personally control your assets via your wallet but is not required.

We leave behind the notion that players are just users renting an experience; they are collaborators building the world alongside us with the ability to own pieces of it.

Join the Luüne Legion and help build the new frontier of gaming.

Only Together We Transcend

JoIN the legion
*Please note that as we go further in production and test gameplay, certain elements of the game and roadmap may change but the core ethos driving our mission, which is to give our player citizens as much value as possible, will remain the same.

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